About Us (TFS)


Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tensioned Fabric Structure Sdn Bhd (TFSSB) specialising in the designing, manufacturing, and installation of pre-engineered weatherproof tension fabric structures. TFS also provides maintenance services for interim or permanent applications across all types of tension fabric structures. Find out more.

Since its first inception in the early 1990s, TFS has been dedicated to providing a complete turn-key solution that suits various purposes – be it business events, large-scale sporting gatherings, or tourism hosting. After decades of extensive experience, TFS has built a highly-acclaimed portfolio that is both locally and internationally recognised. Most importantly, we have developed an intimate understanding of the importance of time. We understand that the element of time is of utmost importance to ensure the orchestration of everything else is in perfect synchrony and harmony. Our promise here at TFS to you is our commitment to your tension fabric structures project, and we demonstrate it by ensuring that over-booking of projects does not occur internally. In short, your projects are always fulfilled on time, every time.

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